Lodge Coffee Roasters is a hand crafted company. There are no dials, no beeps, no programs. The roasting process is a pure sensory experience. Using all the senses to know how high to place the temperature, how quickly to turn the beans and most importantly when the beans have reached their most flavorful point to be extracted. 
The beans are allowed to cool naturally. After the beans have cooled they are stored in an airtight container where the beans finish the roasting process on their own, allowing the flavor to come to full maturity. 
About the Roaster
"I now have a hipster Buddhist monk hand roasting my coffee who is also a fancy Hollywood director when he wants to be who lives in Baraboo, a town so obscure you've probably never heard of.."T.H Chicago, IL


My name is jayson. I do not only love coffee, I roast your coffee. I am not only the roaster, but the owner of Lodge Coffee Roasters. I have been drinking coffee for over 20yrs. I have lived and traveled the world, tasting and experiencing different coffee from all corners. 

Out of necessity I started roasting coffee. I moved back to my small midwestern home town, where there was not any options of french press, pour overs or just a good cup. I decided I can do this. Cut to the present day, where I have built my own roaster, cooling trays and shaker to get rid of the extra chaff. 

I am involved in every stage, I even hand paint each label. You can lick them if you like. This is a passion project for me that has grabbed me with energy and excitement. In the near future, I hope that this passion project turns into my everyday fire. 

I have lived many lives, from being a schoolteacher, sushi chef, buddhist monk and Director of commercials, music videos and documentaries. If you would like to see some of my past please check out my site.


Thank you.